Duck & Cabbage Spring Rolls, Fried in Duck Fat     5ea

Ceviche of the Day     MP

Cured Whiting Rice Paper Roll, Herbs, Shredded Coconut & Peanut Sauce   15 *

Salt & Pepper Squid with Papaya Salad 17

General Tso Popcorn Chicken (Sichuan pepper and dried chili spiced)     16

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Japanese Curry

Pickled Cucumber, Fresh Radish     15

Twice Cooked Masterstock Lamb Ribs, Nahm Pla Dressing        17

Poached QLD Banana Prawn and Pork Wonton,

Strange Flavour Sauce & Fresh Tofu    16

Singapore Chilli Soft Shell Crab, Man Tao     17

Wholemeal Roti with Dahl, Cucumber Tomato Salsa     10

Roti with shredded Confit Chicken, Hainan Chili, ginger shallot, tomato rice    16

Roti with Chili Caramel Pork Belly & Kim Chi     16



Stir Fried Pumpkin, Snow Peas, Baby Corn, Tofu, Radish, Black Fermented Black Bean Sauce         20 *

Deboned Tea Smoked Duck + Condiments & Roti      39

Lemongrass Marinated T-Bone, Vietnamese Salad     37 *

Fish of the Day (See Specials Board) MP *

Angus Beef Rendang Curry    33



Seasonal Stir Fried Chinese Vegetables    10 *


Mongolian Beans, Black Pepper, Onions,

Fresh Horseradish, Chilli        12 *


Yang’s Fried Rice with Angus Beef Sausage

Banana Prawns, Potato Chips    15 *


Steamed Rice    2pp *

Extra Roti     3ea

Extra Mantao 1ea



Coconut sago, Red plum wine marinated strawberries, passionfruit, pandan jelly, frozen coconut mochi, meringue  13

Steamed Banana Pudding, Milo Ice Cream, Maple and Chocolate Sauce, Corn Flakes 13


Vietnamese Affogatto with Vanilla Ice Cream    10

With Added Frangelico     15